November 2022 Review of FLIR ONE Edge® Pro – The First Truly Wireless Mobile Infrared Camera

FLIR One Edge Pro

FLIR ONE Edge® Pro FLIR ONE Edge Pro – The First Truly Wireless Mobile Infrared Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera with Wireless Connectivity for iOS® and Android™ Smart Devices

FLIR ONE Edge® Pro is a thermal imager that connects wirelessly to your mobile phone and supports both iPhone and Android devices. VividIR and FLIR MSX allow you to take crisp thermal images from any position or angle. The FLIR ONE Edge® Pro can easily scan difficult-to-view or and hard-to-reach areas, and measures temperatures up to 400°C.

FLIR ONE Edge® Pro uses a wireless connection to send images to your smart device, making it easy to inspect areas that are difficult to reach. The imager can also be clipped onto your phone or tablet for easy one-handed operation. Common uses for the thermal camera include building inspection and auto repair to industrial maintenance applications.

The highlight is FLIR ONE Edge® Pro doesn't need to be physically connected to your mobile device, and it comes in one model that works with all operating systems. This makes it easier to use for thermal inspections.

FLIR ONE Edge® Pro is a thermal-visible mobile camera that can be detached from its form factor for greater flexibility. It does not require specific connection ports or operating systems. FLIR is providing more software tools to empower new and untrained users to conduct thermography inspections, process images, and create reports.


Flexible Yet Rugged Design

The FLIR ONE Edge Pro is a RESNET compliant and IP54-rated Infrared camera that can be attached to many types of mobile phones and tablets. The thermal camera has a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, allowing users to operate the FLIR ONE Edge Pro up to 30 meters away from their mobile device.


FLIR ONE Edge Pro is a thermal imaging camera with a 160×120 resolution radiometric Lepton® thermal imaging camera paired with a visible camera. It features VividIR™, which combines multiple image frames to deliver one sharper, final image. The cameras are brought together via MSX®. The MSX patented image enhancement feature overlays the edge detail of the visible camera onto the thermal image without sacrificing any thermal data within the image, providing greater context and clarity to improve decision support.


Longer Battery Life

The FLIR ONE Edge Pro has a longer battery life than older models of the FLIR ONE, and a battery life indicator that is easy to see, making it a good choice for inspections that will take a long time, such as after a disaster, when inspecting a house, checking energy use, and diagnosing problems with industrial equipment.


Advanced software tools - More image processing and reporting

The FLIR ONE Edge Pro comes with a range of software from Teledyne FLIR that makes it easy to store images in the cloud, process them, and create reports. This includes Tools Mobile, Ignite cloud, and FLIR Thermal Studio desktop software, so users can share Edge thermal photos with clients and include them in professional reports.

Additionally, app developers have access to the FLIR ONE software development kit (SDK) to create custom applications for exclusive use with the FLIR ONE Edge Pro.



At the end of the day the FLIR ONE Edge Pro is a truly powerful and truly wireless thermal (infrared) imaging camera that can easily be clipped to your iPhone or Android mobile phone device. It has a longer battery life compared to older models, is easy to operate, and comes with powerful software that makes it easy to process images and create reports. Need less to say that it is a must have tool for all professional technicians who work in wide variety of fields from building inspection and auto repair to industrial maintenance applications.

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